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Reasons for having Pedicure

The feet are two of the most neglected parts of our body. It is sad to think that these two body extensions that carry us everywhere are seldom cared for much more pampered. But, that’s the sad truth; few people would go to such lengths as to having a pedicure, even a simple one.

A pedicure is not necessarily for beauty and vanity’s sake. It is actually a necessity for the good health of the feet. Here are the health benefits of a pedicure:

  • Prevents the development of ingrown on the toe nails

Clipping and cleaning are parts and parcel of a pedicure. Regular cleaning and clipping of nails will prevent the nails from accumulating dry skin and growing inwards to pierce the skin ( ingrown ) which could cause infection. Plus, it could prevent the nails from being misshapen and chipped.

  • Remove and prevent the growth of bunions and calluses

Exfoliating the skin by buffing away dead and dry skin is also part of a pedicure. This activity prevents the growth of bunions and calluses and promotes the surfacing of new, healthy skin cells.

  • Averts smelly feet

A pedicure removes the dirt in between the nails plus cleans the skin around the nails. This will prevent bacteria from breeding and therefore prevent bad odor.

  • Gets rid of aches and pains

A truly great pedicure usually includes a massage. Kneading away tired muscles increases the blood circulation, very healthy and relaxing benefits of pedicure. Usually the massage is done with foot cream or essential oils that soothe and moisturize the skin.

  • Prevents the growth of warts and fungus

If you are having a pedicure in a nail salon, nail technicians are professionals who can recognize these problematic growths. If they do not have the skill to remove them, they can provide reference for the proper treatment.

  • Prevents chipping nails

Applying nail polish on the nails keeps the nails from splitting and chipping.